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We can help you choose the best vacuum cleaner for your home, with the combination of features and performance you want. So what’s important to you?


Asthma & Allergies

An Electrolux vacuum with a 99.99% sealed filtration system is a great choice for asthma and allergy sufferers. 99.99% of all dust, pollen and micro-particles are trapped in the machine, keeping your home healthy.

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Low Noise Vacuum

Noise Level

If keeping the peace at home is important, or there’s a baby trying to sleep, explore Electrolux’s choice of low noise quiet vacuums, and look for the Ultra Silencer range in particular.

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Pet Hair

Have you got furry friends? We have floor tools and accessories designed specifically for removing pet hair from your carpets, curtains, beds and soft furniture. Our Turbo nozzle features turbo driven bristles that reach in to carpets to lift pet hair out. Active Carbon filters, available on selected models, also help to reduce pet odours.

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Extra Long Reach

Longer reach

Do your vacuuming without stopping to change power sockets. Many Electrolux vacuums feature longer cords for up to 12 metres reach. That’s enough to clean the average New Zealand 3 bedroom house with replugging.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient vacuums can clean your floors just as well - and sometimes even better - than high wattage power suckers. By choosing an extra efficient Electrolux, you could save 40-60% more power than a standard 2000 watt vacuum.

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Power vs Performance

Extra sucking power is not necessarily the way to cleaner floors. Vacuum performance depends on how effectively air passes through the unit and flows through the filters. That involves quality design and well sealed units, like ours

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Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials

Electrolux have a full range of eco-friendly vacuum cleaners. They’re made with as much recycled material as possible, and are up to 96% recyclable when you’re done with them. Our Green Range are powered by energy efficient motors too. All for the same price as equivalent electrolux vacuums. (Note, pricing comparison is based on Recommended Retail Price, and may vary from retailer to retailer)

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2-in-1 Convenience

Sometimes you just want to clean up spilt crumbs, or do a quick tidy up before friends come around. That’s when you’ll find a charged-up, freestanding stick vacuum cleaner with detachable handheld unit, very handy indeed. With up to 45 minutes running time, ours are ready to go in an instant.

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After Sales Care

Keep your vacuum running smoothly with genuine parts, smart accessories and unbeatable service.

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